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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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excellent word. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you.
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i think he can't run on the record. so he can't say to the american people the way ronald reagan did, i inherited a economy and made it much, much
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better, he's got to say i made it worse. so what does he have to do? he's got to do everything he can to try to calm mitt romney who happens to be a successful businessman. if mitt romney can have the same success for us, we'd be in great shape. >> sean: you've been in tough campaign battles and i watched your campaigns up close and personal. this week, now, you can see what's happening. they've ratcheted up in the obama campaign, first cayman islands, off shore bank accounts and now this latest attack on outsourcing when the governor romney was not at bane capitol. >> this is not a coincidence. the election has gotten really close. when you look at polls,
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they're dead even, but enthusiasm level is higher than enthusiasm on his side. and romney is outraising him in terms of money. i think they're panicking and that is why the president says something stupid like chavez is not a threat to our national security. why does someone say that? that is just a absolutely unrealistic, dumb comment about a dumb as a comment he'd negotiate without precondition with chavez when hillary clinton said indicated hes was naive and irresponsible. >> sean: in 2007 he said iran, cuba, venezuela are tiny countries and don't represent a threat. >> and then... >> sean: let me ask you this. he has got gotten more -- . >> he hasn't gotten any more realistic. he walks around saying iran's best friend in the western
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hemisphere, biggest sponsor of state terrorism is iran. chavez is their best friend in the western hemisphere, he's trying to export communism just as far as he can and he's not a threat to national security? you're living on mars if you think that. >> sean: let me ask you this. you mentioned polls are even and used the word desperation f you look at the poll that shows us earlier in the week they outpolled democrats any 9%. on every major issue. the president is upside down in cases double digits. i think you're right on this issue. this now what we're going to experience for the campaign, smear, attacks, chicago way. >> and how is romney handling it? >> he should answer them, quickly. and decisively. and then get back to the economy. and get right back to the only reason he's doing this is because he doesn't have a
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record to run on. people run for reelection on having kept promises and straightened out a country or a city. and i ran on the fact i rom promised to reduce crime, i reduced crime of the i didn't run on the fact my opponent shouldn't be mayor. i ran on my record. >> sean: let me ask you if the president has an honesty problem. where do you think this is purposeful? president obama made a career out of falsehoods. here is so the question i have for you is, the president and all of the sur investigates when obama care was being debated he said a couple things. one of the main things is that this is not a tax, it's a penalty. then he sent the solicitor general to the supreme court. he argues the opposite of what the president said to the people. but so my question here is this. was he being purpose fully
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deceitful and dishonest to the american people? >> i don't know. does it matter? it ends up being a misrepresentation. obama the candidate was opposed to mandates and criticized hillary clinton for being the face of mandates so now, he executes the biggest mandate in the history of america then, distorts whether it's a fine or atax. i think what happens is that truth is victim to their ideology and how important they think they are. i think this is a significant left wing problem there. is a moral sense they think they're on the right side and they can say anything to advance their cause. i think they're undisplined as a result of that. >> sean: he said there won't be a tax on the middle class. 76% of the tax goes from the middle class. >> biggest tax ever on the middle class. think there is a sense,
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particularly on the extreme left. and the president obama was the most liberal votinwe shouldy this, they feel they have the moral high ground. then, any misrepresentation they make is justified for the higher good. the media, 75% of it let's him get away witness. they get sloppy, republican first misrepresentation by a republican they are ripped part by the media. you learn boy, you better be careful. >> what bothers me if you remember made a big deal of keep the cost below $1 trillion. and a few months ago, it's double. now, there is a report $2.6 trillion is the estimated cost. it's tripled and not been implemented. so realistically this is going
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to be far more expensive which means promises will never be fulfilled. no? >> right. i mean, a psychologist can tell you is this deliberate? we can't trust the things this administration says. they turn out inaccurate. during this campaign i guarantee you what we see is only going to get worse, they're going to attack mitt romney with as many misrepresentations as you can imagine. because... this actually is nothing wrong with mitt mney's background. the man should be very, very proud of the fact he's been success envelope business and that is what we want in our president. we tried someone who didn't have a great deal of success in the past. now, let's try someone successful in the past. success at being governor, running olympics and highly success envelope business. if he can do for me as an
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american what he did for investors at bane i want him in the white house. >> sean: mr. mayor, good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, one of mitt romney's most-vocal supporters and recently got into a war of words with andrew mitchell, going head to head with juan williams and the vice president shows up at the naacp and shows he'll say anything in order to keep his government job. disgraceful highlights coming up from his naacp speech, still to come. >> close your eyes and imagine what the romney justice department will look like... ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but bounty basic can handle them. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand. everyday life. bring it with affordably priced bounty basic.
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there are jobs when you could do a grant, governor, there are jobs here as well as overseas. >> you're struggling anreea. you're struggling. >> well, first of all, these are competing kplaims and we'll get back to you with the numbers. >> call me crazy but i'm willing to bet the governor is waiting for the job numbers or numbers. and joining me now is romne romney's -- . >> even juan williams is laughing. >> i love the governor. i know him well. i bet he's amused by this. >> you used to host "cross fire" together. >> sean: governor, did she ever get back to you with the numbers? >> the interesting thing was that she was trying to tell me that because a little money saved and a lot of money goes
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overseas it doesn't mean it's all, out sourcing. yes. i think her tongue got in front of her eye teeth. she couldn't see what she was saying. >> sean: let's go to the heart of the issue. stephanie cutter, campaign manager suggesting mitt romney may be a criminal. may have committed a felony. by saying that he was not at bain during the years when bain capitol was outsourcing jobs. other issue to this is that obama... >> let's take this one at a time. >> sean: go ahead. >> can you imagine how dumb this president is introducing the concept of felony into the discourse? when this president comes out of chicago politics, where felony and politics are sometimes a sin know number? this is a -- sin know anymore?
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this president's first big revenue were real estate deal was odd coincidences in time and space with a felon? this is a president whose political training was gelled to cheeks with convicted felons like rod blagojevich this president is dumb enough to introduce the concept of felon into the discourse with a guy as clean as mitt romney? >> governor, look. that is character assassination. and you know... >> it's the truth. it's all true. >> the fact is that what the "boston globe" reported is that it was the signature of mitt romney on a security document said he was running bain after he claims he left bain and was not involved in any decision that's led to the loss of jobs overseas.
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that is not legal. >> and juan don't let your blind loyalty to this president -- . >> oh, come on. >> when mitt romney went to run olympics in 1999 it was to prepare the olympics for 2002. he spent three years running that operation. unfortunately this president knows so little about management he thinks you can run something like fixing the olympic problem 24-7 and still be managing bain. there is no reality to that. >> why did he sign a document if the document wasn't true? >> he didn't sign a document that wasn't true. he signed a document that was true. >> he had everything was kosher put tax returns on the table. his father said if you're running for president the american people deserve to know how you've managed your
9:18 pm
money this, guy has off shore accounts, governor. >> so do 95% of the democrats in congress! for democrats to suggest that this is a negative issue is that they're trying to take the eye off the fact this president ruined the american economy. failing to do anything to bring jobs back. >> sean: let me jump in here. the governor is right. nancy pelosi invested in a company that outsourced to asia. and you've got valerie jared with a bermuda bank account. >> are they running for president? >> sean: well, nancy pelosi was second in line to be president. >> american people want to know who is going to be their president? what -- has he paid tax? >> sean: $29 million taxpayer
9:19 pm
dollars have been spent outsourcing jobs. that is real money governor. >> and juan, the only reason you know that mitt romne romney -- that that blind trust had foreign accounts is that mitt romney told you that. he wasn't hiding anything. and there is a -- to try to do a character assassination that this president has been trying to do in my opinion makes everything people are saying about this president true. that he's inincompetent, dishonest and failed american voters. >> and all you're doing is attacking president obama. i'm saying what is going on with mitt romney? he's allowing president obama to define him as a guy secret tiff and not coming forward
9:20 pm
and. >> he didn't deceive anyone. >> his campaign should take control of the issue autos if you're going to be responsible for that statement i'm going to remind you about that until you're dying day. that is not true. >> and he was filled in paper but spending management time on the olympics and doing no management. even the managing partner of bain, who is a democrat that ran for the senate said what the president is saying is preposterus. >>. >> sean: more of the debate as we continue and later tonight liberals claiming mitt romney tried to get booed at the naacp convention on purpose. in order to impress southern conservatives.
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oh, really? and vice president biden told the group the g.o.p. wants to make it harder for african americans to vote. those outrageus charges and more as "hannity" continues. [ male announcer ] summer is here.
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>> sean: we continue with former
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new hampshire governor john sununu, fox news political analyst, our friend, juan williams. the whole issue is outsourcing and bain. and mitt romney said i wasn't there. i wasn't running the company at that point. it seems the obama campaign is desperate. they took $30 billion taxpayer dollars and outsourced jobs to finland, to -- hang on -- china, mexico, brazil, the dominican republic. $30 billion. and unemployment, we have fewer americans working than when he became president. how do they make that an issue in this campaign when the president admits that the stimulus money -- >> i am going to try to keep my tongue from getting ahead of my brain. the simple idea is that he was investing in green energy companies. some of those companies had accounts-- a car company in finland -- >> and making sure that
9:26 pm
americans would not lose the edge to other countries in terms of these green energy jobs? >> we go to finland and china, governor sununu, does that make sense to you -- >> sean, let me tell you what the granddaddy of outsourcing abomination from the obama administration is. the obama administration by policy has outsourced a major portion of our space program. they have a multi-billion-dollar contract with the russians to fly our astronauts up and down to the space shuttle. they have outsourced our space program. president kennedy must be spinning in his grave when he sees the abomination of the obama administration. >> sean: let's look at bigger-picture stuff here. do you agree with governor sununu -- president obama can't run on $5 trillion in debt. he has fewer americans working.
9:27 pm
we have the highest percentage of debt, deficit and spending since world war. two we have the lowest homeownership rate since 1965. so the question is, it seems to me -- i don't care if it's the cayman island this is week or outsourcing bain, isn't this because obama can't say, i saved the country, i created jobs, the economy's better, i cut the deficit in half like i said. >> the president has created jobs for 28 months. what he is trying to say and people sometimes don't want to hear it, the economy is not recovering at the rate that most americans would be pleased with. -- this economy was in a deeper problem, a deeper ditch -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: he said it was the worst imphee since the great depression. >> apparently, it was worse. >> sean: how could it be worse? >> the reason we are having this discussion and the governor and i are going at each other, guess what -- outsourcing, bain had become critical to this
9:28 pm
campaign-- it's become critical to obama. >> of who mitt romney is. >> they have not become critical. >> well, why are we arguing about it? >> because you are doing what obama wants to you do, not talk about the economy -- >> i'm glad to talk about the economy, governor. >> let's talk about the job creation record. when they are proud of 80,000 jobs, they forget to tell the american public, in order to keep up with population growth, under a flat economy, they ought to be creating almost 200,000 jobs a month. >> that's true. you are right. but, governor -- isn't it also true that -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: hang on. >> isn't it also true if we want to talk about jobs, we have to talk about mitt romney's record in massachusetts, 47th out of 50 states in creating job it's. >> wrong, wrong, wrong! you're wrong. he took it from 47th to 30th.
9:29 pm
you know why it's hard to create jobs? because he was down to 4 1/2%. you can't create jobs when there are not people looking for jobs. this president has us stuck at 8.2%. this president isn't smart enough to go back and say, what are we doing wrong? >> sean: let me ask you both-- the president's decided not to go to the naacp connection. he sent joe biden. we'll talk about this in the next segment. 14.4% unemployment in the black community. 50% youth unemployment in the black community. we have discussed this privately. 11% in the hispanic community. how does he make the case to his base that he deserves another chance? how. >> he is trying to improve the economy for all americans. he doesn't want to be cataloged as the black president -- he is trying to make this economy work, he is investing in everything from health care to
9:30 pm
the green energy jobs that you were just criticizing him for. he is trying to make sure that this economy produces jobs. he saved g.m -- those are jobs. a lot of middle-class black people know the power of g.m. >> sean: last word to governor sununu. >> the mainstream media, in my opinion, has done a disservice to the naacp. they talk about the small incident, where a small number of folks boo'd the governor. naacp deserves credit for inviting him to come there. they treated him well. they were very professional. and very demonstrative with their applause through this and gave him a standing ovation when he left. that's a classy operation. that's a very credible organization. and to try to characterize them as a group that was sitting there, booing, i think is a disservice. >> the governor's exactly right. in fact, i think that governor romney deserves credit for having gone to the naacp and spoken his truth and treated
9:31 pm
them with respect. i don't get why people want to distort this. that business about health care, i thought that mitt romney was terrific to say, here's why i am saying what i am saying. i am not condescending to you, i am telling you what i believe i will do i. finally, you are on the right track, juan. >> there we go, sean. >> sean: the show's about to -- i think we have a new debate team. we will lock this in as a regular segment. appreciate you both being here. coming up, liberals are trying to protect president obama after he opted not to appear at the naacp convention. and they are claiming the only reason that governor romney showed up was to appeal to racist southern voters. these outrageous comments and these outrageous comments and that debate, coming up straight you'll inevitably find yourself on aolate highway in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control
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>> close your eyes and imagine... imagine what the romney justice department will look like. again, these guys are not bad guys, they just have a fundamentally different view. >> sean: no eric holder. that was vice-president joe biden, addressing the naacp convention in houston. he was on hand to cover for the president who refused to cover the event. more troubling than joe biden's comment is how liberals are attempting to deflect attention from obama's lack of attendance. the left is trying to make the disgusting argument that the real reason that governor romney appeared was not to speak to the african-american community, but to win the support of conservatives and voters in the south. >> li think it was a calculated move on his part to get boos at the naacp convention.
9:37 pm
>> by showing up, he might get some credit. but he took allot of it away with the word obamacare, which is a loaded word, with some independent white voters and subeshes, they may say, look he went to the naac%,p, isn't that nice? and the conservative part in the south who, have their doubts about mitt romney, as a conservative, who sadly, perhaps will have their views strengthened about him as a conservative by watching him being boo'd by that audience? joining me with the reaction, the co-host of the hit show "the five." kimberly guilfoyle. let me see if i got this straight. so they invite mitt romney. mitt romney accepts the invitation and he goes there and unlike hillary clinton or al gore speaking before african-american audiences, doesn't change his cadence. doesn't change his positions,
9:38 pm
doesn't change has inflection. he speaks his mind. and now, it was calculated? to appeal to racist voters in the south, basically is what nancy pelosi said? >> he is a conservative -- he said conservative. >> sean: what is she really saying? >> conservatives and racists are not the same thing. >> sean: i don't believe for a minute that she wasn't insinuating a racial conotation. >> she was insinuating that he was appealing to anybody outside the room. anybody would infer-- he was invited and he accepted the invitation. >> to his credit that he attended-- i agree with you. >> i don't think we need to read between the lines. and the audience gave him a standing ovation at the end. >> sean: she said it was calculated -- how about maybe he's reaching out to everybody like he said in his speech. >> everything people do in political campaigns is calculated, number 1. number 2, the president doesn't refuse to come, he made a number
9:39 pm
of decisions about his schedule. he will be at the urban league, speaking to essentially the same community. it is not as though he snubbed the naacp. >> nevertheless, he should have showed up because he needs, according to the numbers, to shore up support amongst his political base. but how about anyone wanting to say, good for you mitt romney, going to a room that you might not be the most popular guy. he took the boos, they gave him applause at then. he didn't change his tone or the content to pander to the audience to try to get a favorable reaction. he stood up on principle and talked about what he believes and stated specifically about getting rid of obamacare because he feels it's not appropriate. >> sean: when al gore went before a predominantly african-american audience when he was running for president, he goes into this preacher mode and starts saying, the glory of the lord shall be revealed, changed his tone. the republicans have the wrong
9:40 pm
agenda for african-americans. they don't want to count you in the census. changes his whole speaking style. hillary clinton did the same thing, watch this. >> on this lord's day, let us say with one voice, the words of james cleveland's great freedom hymn...: i don't feel no ways tired. i come too far! from where i started from! nobody told me that the road would be easy! i don't believe he brought me this far to leave me. >> sean: isn't that pandering when they do that? change their tone i. it was painful is what it was. >> sean: painful. >> ouch. >> sean: isn't that pandering. >> people who weren't going to vote for them in the first place. to people who are friendly with them, they recognize, it's being bicultural. african-americans change their tone every day. >> sean: so if i go -- if i speak -- differently to one group of people.
9:41 pm
>> other ethnic groups around their own ethnic groups speak differently-- al gore goes into a preacher mode and use this is divisive language. >> the more significant view is that mitt romney came to the naacp and never mentioned voter enfranchisement, which is the number-1 issue for the naacp. >> sean: that goes to the heart of joe biden's comments, saying they are trying to make voting harder. why? because they want an i.d.? >> come on, you are supposed to show an i.d., why is that a burden? >> because it has a disproportionate negative impact on black it's. >> no tdoesn't. >> sean: do you know what you need? you need credentials. you need a picture i.d. -- >> you don't need a picture -- >> to drive a car and to vote, to buy beer. >> this is supposed to prevent voter fraud. only 86 cases of voter fraud
9:42 pm
have been prosecuted-- how about voter intimidation in philly? >> after the florida vote, everybody should want voter integrity. >> sean: what if you are illegal? what if you are in the country illegally? >> why is only the republican party pushing this? >> why not making sure that the people who are registered to vote don't devalue their votes frapeople who have tried to vote fraudulently -- >> it hasn't happened. >> why is it an onerous burden -- >> it excludes certain people. studies have shown, in texas that the i.d. cost falls disproportionately on blacks and latinos. >> but they have taken measures to address that -- [overlapping dialogue] >> they can get registration and voter i.d. to go in. >> sean: congrats on the one-year anniversary. >> thank you? >> time to check with greta van
9:43 pm
susteren. >> in 18 short minutes, the city is buzzing. politics are buzzing because of a report -- we don't know the source that condoleezza rice is at the top of the list for governor romney. i will ask governor sarah palin about that and much more. back to you, sean. >> sean: greta's coming up in 18 media minutes. let not your heart be troubled. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this paradeeet, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering honoring america's troops. sfx: sounds of marching bandnd and crowd cheering which is actually in tquite fitting becauseadeeet, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering geico has been serving e military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you
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don't wait to fe great. miralax. >> sean: tonight on our great, great, great american panel, he is a great congressman from the swing state of ohio. bill johnson is here. and the author of the next great bull market, matt mccall. a contributor to the daily beast. elise jordan is back -- what was your position with condie rice?
9:48 pm
itch i was a speech writer for her. >> sean: romney narrows v.p. choice, condie emerges as frontrunner. >> yea! she would be fantastic. i think it one a superb choice for romney-- you told me rand paul. >> i didn't see this coming. i didn't know that he would be -- you know, brilliant enough to consider her and to really put her at the top of the list. >> sean: when i spoke to her, she seemed dead set -- it wasn't that long ago, her book came out. we did a really fun hour. i like her a lot. she's really smart. she said, no. she had no interest in politics. >> well, i mean, she had to be completely worn out. what a grueling schedule. 8 years. i think she's very happy in her private life in stanford. but i personally think she has a lot to contribute. lately, she's talking about syria. she's stepping up where obama won't. >> i think you get a lot of
9:49 pm
votes. you get the independent vote with condoleezza rice. some of the minority vote that obama has been dominating and the women. i respect her. i think a lot of other americans really respect her. i think it's a great choice. i hope that headline's right this. pushes romney over the edge and gives him the edge against obama, immediately. >> >> senator portman from your state, congressman? >> absolutely. senator portman would do a great job-- would he help win ohio. >> absolutely. he would. he did very, very well when he ran for senator. he has an extremely good reputation there. he is solid, solid conservative. the people in ohio love him. >> sean: what about marco rubio? >> i think he could energize the party. but i have to be on the condie band wagon on this one. >> sean: well -- until today, a lot of people were not talking about condie rice. >> yeah, you just gave me the best news of my day. >> sean: you work with her.
9:50 pm
but... you do think that rubio would energize the base and help win florida. you agree with na? would he help with the hispanic vote? >> i think so. i think he has a great story to tell and he is a great communicator. i think he could bring a lot of energy. >> sean: probably the tea party favorite. >> he's a rock star. >> sean: i agree with that. >> you take the tea party, they are going back and forth. that all goes to g.o.p. i love rubio. that would be my choice, right off the bat. he gets the young vote. the young vote is something that obama has been dominating. if we can get the young vote to switch back. >> sean: the story's so compelling and interesting. what dak? >> let not your heart be troubled, sean, the idea here is that the referendum is on the president and joe biden's performance. so governor romney can pick a number of people, whether it's rubio, portman or condoleezza rice -- >> do any of the attacks this week, first, it's the cayman
9:51 pm
islands and he worked at bain longer than he said. this is how absurd things have gotten. do the attacks work or do they chip away at what the president held on to, likeability? and now people see him as dishonest. >> the people in ohio get it. governor romney's idea is you risk your own money. you put it up, you create jobs, you hire people. you put the economy back in motion. the president's idea is you take the money, you make big government and tax them to death. >> who buys lottery ticks? people who want to be rich. >> sean: i buy lottery tickets. go ahead. >> we need people who have money and choose to buy lottery tickets. that said, i think the class warfare is a huge mistake for the democrats. at the end of the day, americans
9:52 pm
are going to say what have democrat done? he has nothing to show. >> sean: we have fewer americans working than when he took office. romney created jobs. this president-- the biggest deal he ever did -- trump says this all the time, the resco house deal, which was corrupt. i can't find a job that he has created. he has lost a millions. >> how can you vote for him when you are out of a job, i have friends out of a job, over a year. >> joe biden calls that a depression. >> 8 1/2 million people have left the workforce. the unemployment rate is much higher. >> sean: much higher. if we had the labor participation rate of 2009 ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds.
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>> sean: senate majority leader harry reid, olympic uniforms for athletes were made in china. he's not happy about it. >> i am so upset that i think the olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. i think they should be embarrassed and take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. if they have to wear nothing but
9:57 pm
a singlet that says usa on it, painted by hand. we have people in america in the tox tile industry who are desperate for jobs. i think the olympic committee has done absolutely wrong? let me turn this around on him. i think harry reid should be ashamed. i think he should be embarrassed because 29 billion stimulus dollars went to -- let's see -- brazil -- harry, you watching? finland, to denmark, to china... to the dominican republic, to mexico and to can damp i think our tax dollars, being used in outsourcing jobs, that's an embarrassment. that's a disgrace. >> he is talking about doing what the democrats do best, being wasteful. he is wasteful of government funds-- we are going to burn it. >> burn uniforms. maybe he should burn everything in his wardrobe made in china
9:58 pm
and she how much clothing he has left. >> sean: what do you think? >> i think it's both a disgrace. the whole olympic thing. first of all, they are the ugliest uniforms i have ever seen, it looks like a french guy in paris. let's look american here. it looks -- >>rench. >> if you are french, you can tweet@matt -- >> i have to agree with matt. i don't know whose idea it was to march in in french berets. we have a textile industry that could flourish if we had a level playing field for america. >> sean: as trump always points out, they are not playing fair with us. but we go ahead and we are going to spend money here. but what about the outsourcing issue? what about the stimulus? billions and billions of dollars? we are helping build cars in finland you? know? eco-cars? how about here?! you know, we are helping brazil, you know, discover oil and we'll
9:59 pm
be their biggest customer. we are giving our money for that? >> we had companies that got stimulus dollar, hundreds of millions of dollars that promised to do business in america and wound up spending all of that overseas and said, okay, no problem. this president wants to talk about outsourcing. >> he is the biggest outsorcer ever, with our money. >> china. we have such a huge trade deficit. $24 bill whereon in april. $26 bill ron in may. it keeps growing. i think the chinese sense a weakness because obama does not have a china strategy. >> we could throw out all the numbers we want. did the stimulus work? it didn't work. we are going in the wrong direction. the economy's going -- the numbers are getting worse every day, they come out and the stock market's taking a hit. the stimulus didn't work-- that explain yes this week has been about the cayman islas


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